September 10th

Ketco has become 100% compliant with REC’s new compliance program. We scored 100% on our first attempt, so doing business with us you can rest assured you’re in knowledgeable hands!REC 100%

February 3rd

A week ago, two of our senior staff members attended a competition at Redbridge College. Invited to the event as judges, they ensured that the event was managed fairly and assisted as required. This is just one of the ways in which Ketco Ltd is doing its part to help support our local community in whatever way we can. You can spot our team in the photo attributed to this article. They are nestled along the left-hand side of the picture.

June 26th

rec news picThere was a Skills Summit event hosted by REC in London today. Hosted at the Telegraph’s headquarters it was a half-day event focusing on the need for skills in recruitment. Ketco attended the event and participated in workshops to help bridge the gap between employers and the skills they require. It was a great opportunity for us to network with other businesses of a similar nature. REC’s CEO Kevin Green introduced the event and then gave several speeches concerning the future of our industry and where we need to go in order to meet the continuing demands of the market.

June 4th

NCPM logoLast night we attended an event hosted in Central London. The event itself was concerning the official opening of the new National Centre for Project Management which is to be located at the University of Hertfordshire. Other people in attendance were the NCPM Director & APM Conference Chair, the Head of Policy for the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Commercial Business Manager of Mitsubishi Electric. The launch of new MSc courses at the University of Hertfordshire also occurred and we hope to be able to bring our own knowledge of Project Management to these new providers, assisting where possible.

May 13th – May 17th 

Ketco has extensive links with Africa, and in order to maintain those links we have visited the continent in order to help grow our business. One of our employees travelled to both Ghana and Nigeria, stopping in Accra and Lagos respectively. lcci picThe purpose of these trips to Africa is to establish a strong business connection with the businesses located there. Our last such trip was only a few weeks ago and our colleague found it very useful indeed. Travelling from the 13th-17th of May, attending events in the presence of the British High Commsioners to Ghana and Nigeria. It was a great chance to meet a variety of people, each with something unique and interesting to offer. Ketco plans to continue looking for opportunites in Africa and will continue to network abroad on trips such as this for the forseeable future. The delegation itself was led by the UK Shadow Secretary for Trade & Industry and made up of representatives from education and training, the oil & gas industry, medical equipment supplies, water treatment and the food processing sectors. Ghana is currently investing in education, both private and public kindergartens, primary, prepatory and secondary schools and as such English is the primary first language of the majority of the population. One conclusion that was drawn from the trip was the genuine potential to benefit from making the most of these opportunities. There seems to be a market for qualified skilled tradesmen from the UK to work in Ghana on short 6 month posts, so if this sounds like something that would interest you then please get in touch.