Should Cold Calling Really Freeze Out?

Cold calling, cold calling, cold calling!!! This is what the majority of business owners, especially recruitment agency owners want their staff to do to generate business and this is loathed amongst most recruitment consultants.  Calls being disconnected in the middle of a sales pitch, “we already have a PSL/contractor in place” or “send your details via email and we will send it to the appropriate person”.  These are the most common responses heard by Recruitment Consultants: it appears luring in the sales lead is harder than actually closing the sale. However, today I wish to conclude the myth of cold calling being dead in recruitment, as it isn’t. It has just become more sophisticated!

The definition of cold calling “Make an unsolicited visit or telephone call to (someone), in an attempt to sell goods or services”- (Oxford dictionaries). The word unsolicited in other terms unwanted or unwelcomed is something which I would like to begin with by changing. This has to be done by proving that you; the recruiter are an expert, a professor, a doctor within the recruiting sector.  The most important role for a recruitment consultant should be to research the company before making the first initial call, having background information on the company, the market they work in, their competitors, and the staff they employ will give the recruiter all the information required to make the phone call in confidence.

The recruiter should also check the careers page of the target client, to get an understanding of the vacancies that the employer may have; the job description and the person spec. When speaking to the client and mentioning you have what they require may lead to questions being asked and this is the time you do your magic and mention the job role, person spec and relate it  to the industry sector.

Finally if you’re a recruitment agency then KPI should always be set in terms of quality of phone calls rather than quantity. The consultants should all be trained in cold calling as well as researching a company. A great end to the research should be done via using LinkedIn, where  the consultant will be able to find out who the key decision makers are, who they need to contact and maybe find some information regarding the individual, this could also be the icebreaker by mentioning LinkedIn invitation, previous work, hobbies and so on.

At Ketco we do things different, hence the reason of our great success. We have become industry leaders within the sectors of construction, healthcare & education. We invest our time, money and most importantly support our staff to develop them to get the best out of them and make them the complete recruiter within their designated sector. As the great saying from Richard Branson “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”. Our consultants are all experts within their field to a degree that they will secure the job they are recruiting for.

For us at Ketco a conversation which brings leads is more successful than a straightforward sales pitch. Overall I believe cold calling isn’t dead, it’s the method of cold calling which needs to change to “pre-warm calling” (getting to know the business before hand). If you require further tips on recruiting then please do not hesitate to contact us, whether you are an organisation that is finding it difficult in finding strong staff, recruitment agency that needs assistance to get the best out of your staff or just want to improve staff morale.

I know I shouldn’t be exposing our methods of securing deals; however we set trends not follow!!